Making money with art

my illustration квадрат копия
The problem with making money with art (for me anyway) is that when your life and well-being of your family depends on the art you are making it’s really easy to lose your way… unfortunately, I am saying “no” to a lot of projects lately that I could make money with because that project doesn’t feel right.
I turned down a book about healthy eating because it turned out it was more bullshit about getting as slim as possible or die. And there is nothing healthy about it in my opinion. I really want to do more commercial illustrations but .. but but but.. I am looking for really meaningful great projects, and I think I am not going to lower my expectations for the money. Maybe I am wrong and I am going to starve to death in the near future.

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Slow fashion, second hand, and my attitudes toward clothes in general

Before 2015 I was not interested in slow fashion, or responsible consuming, or environmental issues.

And still, I was mostly buying clothes in second-hand stores. My biggest motivation for doing so was not environmental; I wasn’t even aware that most of the clothes in mass-market are not made in a safe, clean and fair way, and that the fashion industry, in general, is one of the most damaging for the planet. The uniqueness of used/vintage clothes was also not that important for me at the time, but now I really appreciate this aspect too.

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