Using a menustral cup for the first time (mini-comic)

ok копия

Honestly, I never used a menstrual cup myself. I am on a birth control for over 3 years. And my gynecologist allowed me to not have periods at all. So I don’t.

However, I am very much into women health issues and destigmatization periods.

The comic itself is under the cut.

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Viva hairy legs!

crow pose копия
So I am very much into body positivity. Just to make it clear: I don’t hate people with shaved legs (or other parts), the only reason I actually draw women with hair on their legs is because on most images of women on planet earth there is NO HAIR on female legs. But on most women’s legs in a real life, there is HAIR. So I basically draw to keep balance.

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Random facts about me 6 y.o.

  1. I was smaller than everybody else my age.
  2. When I was a small baby I was blond, but then somehow my hair became dark brown. Being 6 I remember people saying “it’s such a shame this beautiful blond hair is gone”. I still have dark brown hair now.
  3. I didn’t have a tv at home (and was not going to for 7 more years).
  4. I didn’t prefer dresses to pants but I really liked shiny clothes, with glitter or sequins.
  5. Once, I drew a picture at the school where my mom was a bear, me and my brother – fawns, my sister was a monkey and she was hanging on the chandelier. And my dad was a lion but he was sleeping under the bed.
  6. For my 6th birthday, I got a beautiful doll with pink skin and absolutely white hair. I liked it so much but also was jealous of its beauty. Two years later our dog tore her head into two parts. I kept the broken doll until I was 11 y.o. That year my grandfather died and I attended a funeral for the first time. After that, I also buried the doll.
  7. I really wanted to cut my hair (but that wasn’t allowed).
  8. I thought our black and white chickens are the most beautiful animals existed.
  9. I liked to drink herbal tea with blooming sally. Still like it now.
  10. I kind of knew what sex was. I saw pigs and goats doing it, so I assumed people do something like that to have kids as well.
  11. I wanted to work in theater, doing whatever really. I don’t and never have.