Viva hairy legs!

crow pose копия
So I am very much into body positivity. Just to make it clear: I don’t hate people with shaved legs (or other parts), the only reason I actually draw women with hair on their legs is because on most images of women on planet earth there is NO HAIR on female legs. But on most women’s legs in a real life, there is HAIR. So I basically draw to keep balance.

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Pink hair and nipple phobia


This is just a picture I drew for my Instagram the other day.

I have been thinking a lot lately about what topics exactly I want to explore with my art. Obviously, I am very much into responsible consuming and slow fashion, but gender issues, and feminism, and sexuality interest me a lot too.

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Study of pink

The other day (rather recently) I happened to read an article by a Russian girl, Daria Evans-Radova, about the color pink and how wearing a lot of this stereotypically girly color can become a way of empowerment. I found the article rather interesting, and I remembered that I also liked her other texts for the same online magazine. But she got extremely negative feedback on this one.

Seriously. Tons and tons of shit were piled on her for no good reason. If I hadn’t read the article, by just reading comments, I would have thought she was writing about murdering puppies or something. People called her immature, superficial, told her she doesn’t have real problems in life, accused her of having rich parents (usually it’s a good thing, but ladies from that online magazine somehow made it sound horrible as well). I don’t understand; what is the psychology behind it? pink-animation

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