I have recently illustrated amazing article about fish for Bookmate. Do you know how smart fish is? And yes, fish feel pain. So no excuse. Really proud of this work. Read full article here (Russian).

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Portrait by me!

This is a portrait of Jessy (photographer). I used one of her awesome outfits and also I learned from her Instagram that she likes coffee. So this is how I decided to draw her. …and I can actually draw you too! For 40 euros. Or if you will support me on Patreon.  

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Making money with art

The problem with making money with art (for me anyway) is that when your life and well-being of your family depends on the art you are making it’s really easy to lose your way… unfortunately, I am saying “no” to a lot of projects lately that I could make money with because that project doesn’t […]

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Bad news (like on tv) makes me really sad lately. It almost feels like nothing good is happening and the world is changing into some weird place where nothing good can ever happen.