Drawing for a Better World


An illustration for me is not necessarily pure art anymore (and neither is stitching). I am not sure when that started, but at this point in my life I don’t draw to create art, I draw to convey an idea.

fragment копия

It is not always something serious or dramatic.

But surely behind any illustration I’ve made in the past two years, there are some deep(ish) thoughts and/or a lot of (often too much) analysis.

However, it’s not like I want to draw (let’s say) a tiger but I can’t until I come up with a socially relevant excuse to draw it. It’s actually the opposite. I only draw what is on my mind.

If something is bothering me, makes me sad, makes me excited, makes me laugh, worries me… etc. I draw it.

If you feel like joining me in this, I created a 4-day illustration course “Drawing for a Better World”, where I’ll share with you some of my ideas about illustration, art in general, my purpose in life and other cool things.

drawing for a better world font

If you want to start this course in the near future, let me know by sending a request here.

If you want me to hold an offline workshop, please contact me through the form here. I am located in Moscow at the moment, but I am travelling a lot so I might schedule you for my next trip.

See you soon!