Drawing for a better world


An illustration for me is not necessarily pure art anymore (and neither is stitching). I am not sure when that started, but at this point in my life I don’t draw to create art, I draw to convey an idea. It is not always something serious or dramatic. Like this gif on the decreasing population of Siberian tigers over here:


But surely behind any illustration I’ve made in the past two years there are some deep(ish) thoughts and/or a lot of (often too much) analysis.

However, it’s not like I wanna to draw a tiger but I can’t until I come up with a socially relevant excuse to draw it. It’s actually the opposite. I only draw what is on my mind.

If something is bothering me, makes me sad, makes me excited, makes me laugh, worries me… etc. I draw it.

If you feel like joining me in this, I created a 4-day illustration course “Drawing for a Better World”, where I’ll share with you some of my ideas about illustration, art in general, my purpose in life and other cool things.

First, watch the video below:


If you want to start this course in a near future, let me know by sending a request here.