Did you know? I do. I am not posting there super often. But I am posting super often to my Instagram and here as well. Most of the art I am creating is not for commercial use. With my art I am trying to make this world a little bit better place. So if you […]


Unbelievable heat 2019

This week was by far the hottest that I experienced in my life. This is not okay for me… I can’t really function like this. Not very effectively anyway. I have absolutely red face all the time, I sweat like hell, I don’t leave apartment unless I really have to. And I got blisters on […]

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Viva hairy legs!

So I am very much into body positivity. Just to make it clear: I don’t hate people with shaved legs (or other parts), the only reason I actually draw women with hair on their legs is because on most images of women on planet earth there is NO HAIR on female legs. But on most […]

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Making money with art

The problem with making money with art (for me anyway) is that when your life and well-being of your family depends on the art you are making it’s really easy to lose your way… unfortunately, I am saying “no” to a lot of projects lately that I could make money with because that project doesn’t […]

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Bad news (like on tv) makes me really sad lately. It almost feels like nothing good is happening and the world is changing into some weird place where nothing good can ever happen.