Few portraits of friends

I love to draw real people! So much fun.

If you want a portrait by me don’t hesitate to contact me!

Pola & Brusya


sasha dvanova копия
Awesome girl from facebook
annabele копия
My dear friend Annabelle 
Another awesome Insta-friend
09 3
The founders of Wairinas

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Books for kids

I am very interested in books for kids lately, for my own personal reasons and also because I am making something for kids myself now.

So I am looking for some inspiration here. Can you maybe recommend some books you liked as a kid, or maybe books your kids read and like? Looking mostly for stuff that can be interesting for 5-12 y.o. people.

Really cool if it would also not contain any sexist bullshit and be generally interesting and deep rather than wholesome and preachy.

Really cool if it would be connected somehow with ecology, plants, animals, environment or arts and crafts. But not necessarily.

Reading a few books from my own childhood right now, just in case there was some sexist bullshit in it, and I just didn’t see it. Going to post about them later.

Women I like

I am planning to write about every each of them independently, and I am planning to draw more women i like, but here is the beginning:animation-

Women who inspire, who give a hope for the better world, with whom I simply just have a lot in common and who make me feel less lonely.

Dasha Evans-RadovaJezra M.Melissa A. FabelloLa’Tecia, Tove Jansson, me, Tuesday Bassen, and some of my friends and family members who decided to stay anonymous.