Books for kids

I am very interested in books for kids lately, for my own personal reasons and also because I am making something for kids myself now. So I am looking for some inspiration here. Can you maybe recommend some books you liked as a kid, or maybe books your kids read and like? Looking mostly for […]

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Berlin, day 2

My short but pleasant stay in Berlin is over (2,5 days), and I am continuing my vacation across the Atlantic ocean. I was staying in Neukölln, and I loved it. Especially food.

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Women I like

I am planning to write about every each of them independently, and I am planning to draw more women i like, but here is the beginning: Women who inspire, who give a hope for the better world, with whom I simply just have a lot in common and who make me feel less lonely. Dasha Evans-Radova, Jezra […]

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