Using a menustral cup for the first time (mini-comic)

ok копия

Honestly, I never used a menstrual cup myself. I am on a birth control for over 3 years. And my gynecologist allowed me to not have periods at all. So I don’t.

However, I am very much into women health issues and destigmatization periods.

The comic itself is under the cut.

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Viva hairy legs!

crow pose копия
So I am very much into body positivity. Just to make it clear: I don’t hate people with shaved legs (or other parts), the only reason I actually draw women with hair on their legs is because on most images of women on planet earth there is NO HAIR on female legs. But on most women’s legs in a real life, there is HAIR. So I basically draw to keep balance.

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Books for kids

I am very interested in books for kids lately, for my own personal reasons and also because I am making something for kids myself now.

So I am looking for some inspiration here. Can you maybe recommend some books you liked as a kid, or maybe books your kids read and like? Looking mostly for stuff that can be interesting for 5-12 y.o. people.

Really cool if it would also not contain any sexist bullshit and be generally interesting and deep rather than wholesome and preachy.

Really cool if it would be connected somehow with ecology, plants, animals, environment or arts and crafts. But not necessarily.

Reading a few books from my own childhood right now, just in case there was some sexist bullshit in it, and I just didn’t see it. Going to post about them later.

Under my clothes

This post is not connected to anything I’ve written before.

I am just wondering to what extent nudity is connected to sex. I mean, the naked body exists under your clothes all the time. It’s there when you are at work, or when you are walking down the street. And we know everybody has a naked body under their clothes…

Also. If nudity were so sexual, wouldn’t we all be constantly horny on the beach? I don’t know about you, but I am not.  I am attracted to some people, sure, but I am attracted also to plenty of fully dressed people every day. So no connection to nudity here.

I am confused. I also kind of feel like the Instagram/facebook policy about nudity is weird and only creates a really unhealthy environment, in which the human body is seen as something dirty/forbidden/illegal (you name it).