Just realized I am going on another trip in less than a week. So, I decided to do a small postcard giveaway. If you guess where am I going, I'll send you a postcard from this place. How about that? I am going to 3 different cities in 2 different countries. Send me your ideas here and hope you are first [...]

The dress

So, I took an embroidery course by Lisa Smirnova, Russian artist located in Moscow. What you see here is my final project for that (6 week-long) course. It took me about 2 weeks to finish this portrait and I enjoyed every second of it.

Where do threads come from?

This morning I took the subway to a place I've never been before - just some station rather far away from the center of Moscow. Then I waited for 15 minutes in the middle of the hall, and then some young person showed up with a plastic bag, gave it to me, took the money (300 rubles exactly, which is about 4 euros and change), said [...]

Snow & fur

I seriously think I should paint more, this is so much fun. Don't take me wrong, I love digital art, but sometimes it's just so cool to use actual paints or markers... however, there is still no snow here in Moscow, I am not a big fan but kind of miss it. Besides it's frizzing [...]

Pink hair and nipple phobia

  This is just a picture I drew for my Instagram the other day. I have been thinking a lot lately about what topics exactly I want to explore with my art. Obviously, I am very much into responsible consuming and slow fashion, but gender issues, and feminism, and sexuality interest me a lot too. First I [...]

Uncertainty about Halloween

I am not really a rain and/or cold person, but for sure one reason to love autumn is all food with pumpkin. I love it all. Beer, pies, porridge.. you name it, it's great. Not sure how I feel about Halloween. I like to dress up, that's for sure. But I grew up in culture [...]

Slow fashion, second hand, and my attitudes toward clothes in general

Before 2015 I was not interested in slow fashion, or responsible consuming, or environmental issues. And still, I was mostly buying clothes in second-hand stores. My biggest motivation for doing so was not environmental; I wasn't even aware that most of the clothes in mass-market are not made in a safe, clean and fair way, and that the fashion industry, in general, [...]