Buy my awesome art 20% off!

Fy are running a site-wide 20% discount+ free shipping for their customers beginning this Sunday, February 23rd.  This is a great time to support me by buying my awesome art from Fy! .

Thank you for for supporting me, that means a lot! Let me know if you bought anything or even better send me a photo of your interior with my art! I’ll appreciate it!

Upcoming scar zine.

Hey humans!

I decided to make a zine about scars. I am a human with a reasonably big scar on a stomach, so it’s a personal story too. If you want me to draw you and tell the story of your scar(s) please reach out to me 🌟 I can’t promise I’ll include everyone but I am very excited about it.

If you have a scar and you are happy with it you can tell me your story too! It can but doesn’t have to be a story about something you dislike about your body. Thank you in advance!

P.S. I will send the complete zine as a part of my newsletter, so if you are not subscribed to it yet please do!

P.p.s. this picture is of a woman called Maria who lost her brother in a car accident when she was 14 so her scar is a reminder of her brother. You can already read her story on my Patreon page🖤

I am starting my own newsletter!

I want to get personal.

I want you to know me a bit better. I want you to hear about my new projects, book releases and publications before everyone else. 
In the first few letters, I am planning to tell you about a few super exciting projects I am working on at the moment, my favorite podcasts, my beautiful pets, my big Slow Life turn that occurred in 2018, my recent interest in animal rights and veganism and my decade-long struggle with a unique type of body dysmorphia. 

To share all of this and more is why I decided to create this newsletter. Interested?