New cool way to support me if you love my art!

First of all, a few updates:

  1. I completely changed my “shop”. What do you think? Better? Worse?
  2. I am no longer on Patreon. Didn’t work for me anyway but also I don’t like how they work, it’s not a very ethical company in my opinion.
  3. New newsletter is coming up! Please, subscribe if you didn’t let! Where I will partially explain the previous thing.

Not to the goo news! Now you can support me by buying me a

Ko-fi Logo

New donation page! #artistssupportblackives

Hello friends, please visit my new donation page! You can get these two illustrations of mine or a coloring page if you donate to organisations of my choice. All details here.

P.S. I am working toward having printed art for donation available as well!

New coloring page!

I made coloring page out of one of my most popular illustration, “LGBTEA”. You can buy it as a set with the print or only coloring page from my store on Gumroad. Don’t forget to send me the results I am really curious! Tag me on facebook or instagram!

Buy this set!

Buy this coloring page!

It’s my birthday soon!

Hello, friends!

Next week is my birthday. If you want to give me a gift I have an idea for you! Today I put this illustration and also coloring page based on it to my Gumroad store. You can buy them there in a set, or separately. So you can choose the amount of money you are willing to spent.

You can buy A4 coloring page for as little as $1. And then please color it however you want, write some nice wishes on the cake for me and send it to me, or simply tag me in a post or story on Facebook or Instagram. I will really appreciate it!
In this uncertain times I really need some good thoughts send my way and feel support of the community!
Have a nice day!

NEW!!! Mugs, tote bags, clocks and many more products with my art on it!

In my brand new ART WOW store!

I am still working on it.

There is quite a few products there already but you can totally request certain print on certain product you wanna buy by contacting me and i’ll put it in store ASAP.