Your chance to be a part of my book!

So I decided to share with you a fragment of the alternative story of Snow White I wrote.

This little book is not necessarily for kids who have never heard of Snow White (if you are parents of these kids, congrats! You are doing great. I am not one of you though).

I wrote this story (or re-wrote it, rather) in order to offset the damage caused by the original story if your child has already heard it in school or from other relatives.

It can also be helpful for adults, who grew up with Disney cartoons. Writing it definitely had a positive therapeutic effect on me.

the book копия.jpg

I also decided to mention all my $30 patrons in the foreword of this book. So if you feel like being part of history, feel free to support me on Patreon! It’s still not too late.

Here is the fragment of the story:

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Viva hairy legs!

crow pose копия
So I am very much into body positivity. Just to make it clear: I don’t hate people with shaved legs (or other parts), the only reason I actually draw women with hair on their legs is because on most images of women on planet earth there is NO HAIR on female legs. But on most women’s legs in a real life, there is HAIR. So I basically draw to keep balance.

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