Snow & fur

I seriously think I should paint more, this is so much fun. Don’t take me wrong, I love digital art, but sometimes it’s just so cool to use actual paints or markers… however, there is still no snow here in Moscow, I am not a big fan but kind of miss it. Besides it’s frizzing […]

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Pink hair and nipple phobia

This is just a picture I drew for my Instagram the other day. I have been thinking a lot lately about what topics exactly I want to explore with my art. Obviously, I am very much into responsible consuming and slow fashion, but gender issues, and feminism, and sexuality interest me a lot too.

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Women I like

I am planning to write about every each of them independently, and I am planning to draw more women i like, but here is the beginning: Women who inspire, who give a hope for the better world, with whom I simply just have a lot in common and who make me feel less lonely. Dasha Evans-Radova, Jezra […]

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Uncertainty about Halloween

I am not really a rain and/or cold person, but for sure one reason to love autumn is all food with pumpkin. I love it all. Beer, pies, porridge.. you name it, it’s great. Not sure how I feel about Halloween. I like to dress up, that’s for sure. But I grew up in culture […]

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Slow fashion, second hand, and my attitudes toward clothes in general

Before 2015 I was not interested in slow fashion, or responsible consuming, or environmental issues. And still, I was mostly buying clothes in second-hand stores. My biggest motivation for doing so was not environmental; I wasn’t even aware that most of the clothes in mass-market are not made in a safe, clean and fair way, and that the fashion industry, in general, […]

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Things Are What We Make of Them

…and speaking of pink and supporting others: Adam J. Kurtz‘s book Things Are What You Make of Them is finally here! Unfortunately I am not gonna get mine for one more week, but when Ill finally do, I am going to photograph it and show you every lovely detail 🌷 can’t wait 💫 for now this is photo by Adam) […]

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Study of pink

The other day (rather recently) I happened to read an article by a Russian girl, Daria Evans-Radova, about the color pink and how wearing a lot of this stereotypically girly color can become a way of empowerment. I found the article rather interesting, and I remembered that I also liked her other texts for the same online magazine. But […]

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