Comic №1. The morning superman conversation.

So proud of myself for drawing this in one day)


superman comics копия

p.s. Unfortunately, it’s only going to be funny if you speak Russian pretty well (and still not for sure, I have a pretty unique sense of humor).

Making money with art

my illustration квадрат копия
The problem with making money with art (for me anyway) is that when your life and well-being of your family depends on the art you are making it’s really easy to lose your way… unfortunately, I am saying “no” to a lot of projects lately that I could make money with because that project doesn’t feel right.
I turned down a book about healthy eating because it turned out it was more bullshit about getting as slim as possible or die. And there is nothing healthy about it in my opinion. I really want to do more commercial illustrations but .. but but but.. I am looking for really meaningful great projects, and I think I am not going to lower my expectations for the money. Maybe I am wrong and I am going to starve to death in the near future.

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Random facts about me 6 y.o.

  1. I was smaller than everybody else my age.
  2. When I was a small baby I was blond, but then somehow my hair became dark brown. Being 6 I remember people saying “it’s such a shame this beautiful blond hair is gone”. I still have dark brown hair now.
  3. I didn’t have a tv at home (and was not going to for 7 more years).
  4. I didn’t prefer dresses to pants but I really liked shiny clothes, with glitter or sequins.
  5. Once, I drew a picture at the school where my mom was a bear, me and my brother – fawns, my sister was a monkey and she was hanging on the chandelier. And my dad was a lion but he was sleeping under the bed.
  6. For my 6th birthday, I got a beautiful doll with pink skin and absolutely white hair. I liked it so much but also was jealous of its beauty. Two years later our dog tore her head into two parts. I kept the broken doll until I was 11 y.o. That year my grandfather died and I attended a funeral for the first time. After that, I also buried the doll.
  7. I really wanted to cut my hair (but that wasn’t allowed).
  8. I thought our black and white chickens are the most beautiful animals existed.
  9. I liked to drink herbal tea with blooming sally. Still like it now.
  10. I kind of knew what sex was. I saw pigs and goats doing it, so I assumed people do something like that to have kids as well.
  11. I wanted to work in theater, doing whatever really. I don’t and never have.

Books for kids

I am very interested in books for kids lately, for my own personal reasons and also because I am making something for kids myself now.

So I am looking for some inspiration here. Can you maybe recommend some books you liked as a kid, or maybe books your kids read and like? Looking mostly for stuff that can be interesting for 5-12 y.o. people.

Really cool if it would also not contain any sexist bullshit and be generally interesting and deep rather than wholesome and preachy.

Really cool if it would be connected somehow with ecology, plants, animals, environment or arts and crafts. But not necessarily.

Reading a few books from my own childhood right now, just in case there was some sexist bullshit in it, and I just didn’t see it. Going to post about them later.

Under my clothes

This post is not connected to anything I’ve written before.

I am just wondering to what extent nudity is connected to sex. I mean, the naked body exists under your clothes all the time. It’s there when you are at work, or when you are walking down the street. And we know everybody has a naked body under their clothes…

Also. If nudity were so sexual, wouldn’t we all be constantly horny on the beach? I don’t know about you, but I am not.  I am attracted to some people, sure, but I am attracted also to plenty of fully dressed people every day. So no connection to nudity here.

I am confused. I also kind of feel like the Instagram/facebook policy about nudity is weird and only creates a really unhealthy environment, in which the human body is seen as something dirty/forbidden/illegal (you name it).