Did you know? I do. I am not posting there super often. But I am posting super often to my Instagram and here as well. Most of the art I am creating is not for commercial use. With my art I am trying to make this world a little bit better place. So if you […]


Date Night

Spending time with animals is the best thing I can do for my mental health. Some people are fine too. Also follow me on instagram please.

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I have recently illustrated amazing article about fish for Bookmate. Do you know how smart fish is? And yes, fish feel pain. So no excuse. Really proud of this work. Read full article here (Russian).

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No to Pink Capitalism

by Amelia A. J. Foy Today I am going to share a quote from the by Amielia A.J. Foy on Pink Capitalism. “Pride month is over, but LGBT+ people need your support all year round. One way to directly support them is by choosing where you put your money. Companies have caught onto the fact that […]

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Unbelievable heat 2019

This week was by far the hottest that I experienced in my life. This is not okay for me… I can’t really function like this. Not very effectively anyway. I have absolutely red face all the time, I sweat like hell, I don’t leave apartment unless I really have to. And I got blisters on […]

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Rabbit Person

The whole idea behind ownership of another alive beings is super weird for me 🐰 for some time now I am volunteering in a rabbit shelter. And honestly it has shaken my faith in people significantly! People get rid of bunnies in such a cruel ways… Please PLEASE I am begging you treat your pets […]

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