I am creating new zine!

(this is the name of the future zine!)

Hello friends! So before I announce it on Instagram I wanted to share my plans with you Friends! 
I want to create another zine, like this one – “People with scars” – that I created at a beginning of this year. But this time I want to make portraits of people and their pets. 

The idea came to me when I was drawing this portrait of my lovely friend Jessica and her dog Boston. 

So if you want me to draw you with your pet(s) and be part of my zine, this is your chance! 

It’s going to cost 44 euros for the portrait, regardless of the number of pets and people on it. It can be you + your partner + dog or you + cat + another cat + rabbit. 

In the end, you get a very big digital file you can print + a PDF-copy of the zine with all of the portraits and stories. 

To participate send me DM on Instagram, or email to – hitme@ezrawsmith.com, or just simply use this contact form

Looking forward to seeing and drawing you and your pets!

Published by Ezra W. Smith

female illustration artist

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