No to Pink Capitalism

by Amelia A. J. Foy

Today I am going to share a quote from the by Amielia A.J. Foy on Pink Capitalism.

This is a portrait of incredibly talented artist Wednesday that I created for the pride month. I thought this picture makes good illustration for this post.

“Pride month is over, but LGBT+ people need your support all year round. One way to directly support them is by choosing where you put your money. Companies have caught onto the fact that queerness makes them money (hence the Pride launches throughout June in high street stores) but where does the money go after you spend it? Do these stores have a long-term commitment to LGBT+ rights, or is it exclusively one month a year? Is it only for cis white gays, or is it inclusive of queer people of colour and trans people? Does the CEO care if the money in his (or her or their, but most likely his) pocket is from queer people or from queerphobes?
Buying from corporations is always an ethical mess, from sweatshop labour to workers’ wages to plagiarising the designs of smaller stores. Factor in pink capitalism, and it is overall much easier to buy directly from queer-owned brands and queer people, especially given how many of us are working-class. Below are some queer folx you can monetarily support, providing clothing, art, tattoos and more. “

You can continue reading here:

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

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