The City – Art Exhibition and Sale (Tel-Aviv)

preview копия.png

When: May 3-4th 2018

Where: Cuckoo’s nest

What: fair fair together with Eclectic TLV (by Ella Cohen) art-platform an Art Exhibition & Sale “The CITY”.
Over 40 Israeli and foreign artists, designers, illustrators and photographers sent their works themed with the current subject “The CITY” for a special Art&Design collaboration.

Moscow by Ezra W Smith preview

“Moscow”, print, 1/8, Ezra W. Smith, 2018.

I drew 3 works for this exhibition in Tel-Aviv last May. Moscow, Tel-Aviv and New York.  I didn’t go to an opening (even though I wanted so much!).

However, I heart it went really well.


Moments of the Exhibition by Keren Noya.


Photo by Liya Geldman.



Photo by Liya Geldman.



Photo by Liya Geldman.

More photos from the event here.

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