Random facts about me 6 y.o.

  1. I was smaller than everybody else my age.
  2. When I was a small baby I was blond, but then somehow my hair became dark brown. Being 6 I remember people saying “it’s such a shame this beautiful blond hair is gone”. I still have dark brown hair now.
  3. I didn’t have a tv at home (and was not going to for 7 more years).
  4. I didn’t prefer dresses to pants but I really liked shiny clothes, with glitter or sequins.
  5. Once, I drew a picture at the school where my mom was a bear, me and my brother – fawns, my sister was a monkey and she was hanging on the chandelier. And my dad was a lion but he was sleeping under the bed.
  6. For my 6th birthday, I got a beautiful doll with pink skin and absolutely white hair. I liked it so much but also was jealous of its beauty. Two years later our dog tore her head into two parts. I kept the broken doll until I was 11 y.o. That year my grandfather died and I attended a funeral for the first time. After that, I also buried the doll.
  7. I really wanted to cut my hair (but that wasn’t allowed).
  8. I thought our black and white chickens are the most beautiful animals existed.
  9. I liked to drink herbal tea with blooming sally. Still like it now.
  10. I kind of knew what sex was. I saw pigs and goats doing it, so I assumed people do something like that to have kids as well.
  11. I wanted to work in theater, doing whatever really. I don’t and never have.

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