Just realized I am going on another trip in less than a week.

So, I decided to do a small postcard giveaway. If you guess where am I going, I’ll send you a postcard from this place. How about that? I am going to 3 different cities in 2 different countries. Send me your ideas here and hope you are first who guessed right.

I’m kind of not expecting many people to guess the cities, so I might just send them to the ones who guess the countries at least…

photo of postcards

Also wondering,

  • when you go on a trip, do you pack in advance or start 4 hours before your flight like me?
  • do you fold socks into balls?
  • do you think through your wardrobe for traveling (only take things that go together)?
  • do you take your pyjamas with you? (me – never, usually use my boyfriend’s t-shirts)
  • if you own any sex toys, do you take some with you?
  • do you buy clothes on your trips? What kind?
  • do you get tattoos when traveling?

p.s. You have like a week to guess the cities/countries. If you know because I told you, don’t answer!


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