Snow & fur

I seriously think I should paint more, this is so much fun. Don’t take me wrong, I love digital art, but sometimes it’s just so cool to use actual paints or markers… however, there is still no snow here in Moscow, I am not a big fan but kind of miss it.

Besides it’s frizzing and unpleasant outside anyway… could as well snow.


About fur. I really like animalistic prints (especially zebra print), but wearing skin of once upon a time alive creature just seems really creepy to me. I fully understand that artificial fur is extremely bad for the environment, but…

I mean if you apply to it general rules of responsible care and disposal if should be fine. I don’t buy a lot of clothes anyway, and I only have one fake fur jacket that I am happily owning for 6,5 years and not planning to get rid of anytime soon.

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