Uncertainty about Halloween

pumpkin beer copy

I am not really a rain and/or cold person, but for sure one reason to love autumn is all food with pumpkin. I love it all.

Beer, pies, porridge.. you name it, it’s great.pumpkin pie copy

Not sure how I feel about Halloween.

I like to dress up, that’s for sure. But I grew up in culture (time?) where this holiday was practically nonexistent, and I don’t even remember ever attending to an actual Halloween party. The only thing I was doing – watching Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton’s movie from 1999) every year with my little sister. For some time.

girls copy

List of the other Halloween(ish) movies I like:

  1. Practical magic.
  2. Death becomes her.
  3.  The Addams Family.
  4.  Edward Scissorhands.
  5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  6. Corpse Bride.
  7. Hocus Pocus.


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female artist & craftivist

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