Slow fashion, second hand, and my attitudes toward clothes in general

Before 2015 I was not interested in slow fashion, or responsible consuming, or environmental issues.

And still, I was mostly buying clothes in second-hand stores. My biggest motivation for doing so was not environmental; I wasn’t even aware that most of the clothes in mass-market are not made in a safe, clean and fair way, and that the fashion industry, in general, is one of the most damaging for the planet. The uniqueness of used/vintage clothes was also not that important for me at the time, but now I really appreciate this aspect too.

The reason for buying second hand was much simpler – I had no money.  I needed to pay for university, buy food, pay rent… and new clothes were just not something I could afford. Things have changed somewhat since then, but I still have other priorities in life, besides buying clothes. My hobbies are getting more and more expensive. For example, I really like to travel now.

In the past few years, I got interested in the Fashion Revolution movement and somewhat educated myself in the ways our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed. And that made me change my attitudes toward shopping even more.

My biggest goal right now is to produce as little clothes-related garbage as possible. In order to do so, I started to repair clothes. And not only clothes that were used by me previously. I am buying clothes that are not exactly in good shape from second-hand stores or flea markets, and then repairing them. I am also fixing everything that needs to be fixed before I donate clothes to charity shops or take them to swap-events.



Sometimes I am just simply fixing seams, sometimes I need to be really creative and stitch something on a piece of cloth.

But either way, it almost feels like repairing clothes somehow adds some value to it.

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