Study of pink

The other day (rather recently) I happened to read an article by a Russian girl, Daria Evans-Radova, about the color pink and how wearing a lot of this stereotypically girly color can become a way of empowerment. I found the article rather interesting, and I remembered that I also liked her other texts for the same online magazine. But she got extremely negative feedback on this one.

Seriously. Tons and tons of shit were piled on her for no good reason. If I hadn’t read the article, by just reading comments, I would have thought she was writing about murdering puppies or something. People called her immature, superficial, told her she doesn’t have real problems in life, accused her of having rich parents (usually it’s a good thing, but ladies from that online magazine somehow made it sound horrible as well). I don’t understand; what is the psychology behind it? pink-animation

Why would someone be so aggressive about a fairly neutral article?

Okay, if you don’t feel the same about analyzing your feelings about the color pink, fine. Just close the tab and move on. Right? That’s what I would do.

This is the main reason why I myself almost never write anything personal. Because I am very insecure and the Internet is just so mean.

However, I felt so weird about even just reading all these horrible words – I could only imagine how bad I would feel if dozens of women were bullying me online – that I texted her and we talked for a while on Instagram dm.

During the conversation, I realized that one of Daria’s previous articles actually inspired me to completely change my attitudes toward makeup (just to be fair, it was also influenced a lot by @_____halle_, but still). And in general, she is such a great, sweet, awesome person.

So, I felt a great need to morally support her, because in general, I think women should support each other, not boost their own self-esteem at the expense of others. Hating women if you are a woman yourself is only going to make your own life worse. By calling other women stupid and ignoring their experience and merits, you are showing other people that it’s okay to treat women like that.

This is what I think.

I also think that our culture is kind of teaching us to hate each other, to see other women as nothing but competitors (I have been thinking about it a lot since I read “The Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf). But none of that make any sense.

When I only started to analyze my own attitudes toward other women, I found out that so many of them are absolutely amazing and very inspiring. I almost never had female friends before, I used to say that I have more in common with guys etc… you know, all this totally misogynistic shit. Well I totally changed my mind.


I was not the only girl who felt this way about mean comments under Daria’s article. In the last couple of days, she has got so much support from other women on instagram, that she said it is already outweighing the negativity she got after the article was published. Girls from all over the world are photographing themselves in pink outfits or with pink hair and tagging Daria in stories (this is what I did too, after reading the article).


Even though it has nothing to do with me, I still feel super inspired by that. This is how it fucking should be, right?

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