in a bus


The other day I was taking a bus to and I had this huge plastic bag with stuff I wanted to give up. It was the morning of a working day, and I had just woken up. So I was sitting on a bus, not even listening to music, just thinking about something. Then this old lady sat next to me and asked what the next stop was.

She was dressed very nicely, had heavy makeup and a sparse but definite mustache. After I answered, she started to tell me that I wasn’t wearing enough makeup. For real. She was just going on and on about how horrible I looked with no eyebrows and that “just lipstick is not enough”, and that women have to be beautiful. The point of this story is not that she was herself looking ridiculous (she wasn’t. I actually first really liked her outfit, I thought she looked brave and stylish), but that I couldn’t even say anything. I usually get completely frozen when people are rude to me. And I was thinking about it the rest of the day, trying to come up with some humorous response in my head.

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