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I am a freelance illustrator and craftivist. (And also: traveler, painter, arts and crafts maker, feminist, vintage lover, responsible consumer and a big fan of humanity).

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plantIf you want me to

  • create illustrations for your project,
  • hold a stitching workshop in your venue (I am located in Moscow at the moment, but I am travelling a lot so I might schedule you for my next trip),
  • hold a Drawing for a Better World workshop in your venue,
  • or make an embroidery for you,

please send me a request through the contact form. I usually reply in 1-2 working days.

You can see my previous complete projects here.

I want to warn you that all visual content on this website belongs to me.

If you really like any of my pictures, please contact me. I might sell it to you or (if you are, for example, a non-commercial educational project) give it to you for free. But you have to ask me first.

Thanks for understanding!