Ezra Willow Smith is a female freelance illustrator from Russia, now based in Central Europe. Her work mainly deals with issues of sexuality, women health, feminism, visibility of lesbian and bisexual women and gender equality.

Ezra is an independent freelance artist, she only does work for people and companies that are consistent with her ethical precepts.

If you like Ezra’s art and want her to make more of it, consider buying her a coffee.

I’m strongly inspired by my female friends and other people of marginalized genders around me. I am following plenty of amazing humans on Instagram; Body positive bloggers, plus size models and social activists. Their photos and thoughts have a huge influence on me. With my art, I am trying to support all women and girls in the world. I want them to feel like they deserve happiness, their bodies are okay, their ideas are relevant, and their voices should be heard.

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